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What is La Tribu?

We are an entrepreneurship community where we exchange the information that works for us and the mistakes to avoid.

This community is ideal for anyone who wants to undertake, if you have not done it yet, but want to take the first step, this community is for you.

And if you have already started but still do not meet the goals you want, this community is also the perfect place for more than 50 male and female entrepreneurs to exchange ideas that may work for you.

Here we offer every entrepreneur a comfortable, safe and friendly space where they can share entrepreneurial experiences and meet more people with the same interests.


Benefits of The Tribe


  • Private Portal: With different sub-topics, conversation groups based on different industries. (You will have access to all the groups you want.

  • Group Calls: Weekly calls, we dive deep into business models, marketing strategies, operating systems, content creation or any other topic that the community wants to touch on.

  • Assignments will be left for follow-up.

  • Entrepreneur's Log: Proven document ideal for personal organization, meeting goals and increasing productivity in your day-to-day life.

  • Resource Chest: Access to all previous Group Calls (recorded).

  • Downloadable: Entrepreneur's Log, Checklists, Lightroom Presets, Final Cut - Create a Course Template, Presentation Template, Card Template, Portfolio and more ...

  • 15% discounts on all our other courses.

Somos La Tribu

Somos La Tribu



  • "The truth is that I loved the call with Andrés. Sometimes you need to hear from someone with a similar journey to yours that IF IT IS POSSIBLE, and the truth is that for me, it was much more than that too. Andrés had practical advice that was directly applicable to both my daily frustrations and that of every entrepreneur, as well as others that apply to the business perspective within a venture. I believe that without a doubt from passion to project is a community that has the potential to awaken the entrepreneurial DNA in all those who they still have him asleep. "


- Cris Quintero, Hustlers Legal Co.



Andrés Piñeiro Coen (Co-Founder)


  • I am the creator of several successful ventures.

  • I co-founded Spikes Academy, an online academy that sold over $ 100,000.00 in its first 18 months.

  • I organized the largest Art Project, Graffiti in all of Panama

  • I have created 2 clothing brands (Shopify and POD) and a coloring book for kids promoting voluntary blood donation.

  • I have social networks reaching more than 40 thousand people

  • I traveled to more than 45 countries thanks to knowing how to get sponsors.

  • I got to know the whole country of Panama by bike, 32 days pedaling 10 hours a day in a personal project that I got more than 5 brands to sponsor.

  • You can see more of me on YouTube or Twitter.


- Andrés Piñeiro Coen

Gabriel Solano Lázaro

  • I am an architect and a full-time entrepreneur.

  • I co-founded Grupo Ideas, an architecture company dedicated to Residential, Commercial and Urban Design. In the first 24 months we sold more than $ 100,000.00.

  • In my professional career, I worked on several state projects of great importance to the country such as the Tender for the Fourth Bridge over the Panama Canal, and the Tender for the Renovation of the Amador Causeway.

  • I have worked with several important brands in Panama, designing their commercial premises together with my team. Among those brands are Toyota, Deli Gourmet, Cervecería Nacional, Dollar Rent a Car, Quesos Chela and Factory Fashion.

  • You can see more of me on my Website.

- Gabriel Solano Lázaro

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