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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


Some powerful thanks that will transform your days. Some commandments, or guides to transform your life.

Image by Lee Myungseong


Thanks - At the Table

Today we give thanks for being together, for the love we share. Thank you for the abundance of this table and for our home. Thank you for the hands that prepared these foods. We pray that everyone in the world will have love, peace, abundance and moments of joy to share with others.


Commandments - Debt

I refuse to accept the debt, in the divine mind debts do not exist, therefore, I do not owe anyone, all commitments are removed from me under grace and in a miraculous way. I deny the debt, in the divine mind there are no debts. Nobody owes me anything, everything is in order. I send my love and forgiveness to those who have owed something. 

Image by Christine Roy
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