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Courses to transform your life


Launch your Entrepreneurship in 30 days


Have you thought about starting a project and don't know where to start?


This course is for people who have never started, for those who are entrepreneurs, but want to make their ventures grow more, for those who dream of leaving their jobs and making a living from their projects.


Your Passion in Motion


Learn to generate income by undertaking digitally

Undertaking is like baking, the first time it is not perfect but with practice we appropriate the recipe.


Master your Personal Finances in 7 days


If you are in control of your expenses and income, you will have control of your life. In this course you will learn to keep track of your income and personal expenses. We will teach you to create a budget and generate graphics that allow you to visualize your numbers in a practical way.


How to Build Your Personal Brand


Everything you need to transform your personal project into a Brand, ready to go on the market.

In this course of 4 modules and 12 classes you will learn the importance of having a Brand, how to build your own Brand and how to make your Brand have an impact on people's lives.


Social Networks for Entrepreneurs


Social networks are a very reliable communication channel today. Either you want to convey the message of your company or even simply share your emotions.


Dominate Twitter in 7 days


In this course we will show you how to transform your Twitter account into one of the most valuable assets that your business has. The best time to start building your own community is now.


Dominate Instagram in 7 days.


When thinking about social media, two things may come to mind. Or the TikTok dances and micro videos of the Reels, or the spending of money on ads necessary to grow. In this course we share that social networks are more than that.


How to Get Sponsors


How to sell your project or get sponsors?

Here you will learn how to present your project to different companies so that they can support you.


Create a Digital Project in 5 Steps

Do you know what a digital project is? A digital project can be seen in several ways, it is more in this course I explain 5 different ways which are: -Affiliate Market (Blog or web page) -Sponsors (Brand) -Digital Services (Consultancies) -Digital Products ( Ecommerce) -Dropshipping (Import products)

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